Graco DuoDlider Classic Connect Stroller

A durable stroller is one of the most important purchases that a parent makes for her child. The mobility and convenience that it allows both the parents and the child is just invaluable. A growing family will require a great stroller. Thanks to the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect stroller, parents with growing kids can carry their kids at a go. This stroller can comfortably carry both baby and toddler kids. Reason you should opt for Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller.


· It’s an efficient travel system

This stroller is compatible with two Graco Classic connect infant cars. Unlike other strollers, the Graco DuoGlider is designed to create your own travel system. The feature is known to be efficient because you can comfortably and safely go with your kids on long trips.

· Comfortable Seats

What good would a stroller be if your child keeps crying because of discomfort? Comfort is one of the primary things that you should look at before buying any stroller. The DuoGlider has been customized with two seats that are reclinable for ultimate comfort. The seats are also adjustable to 3 or 5-point harness to ensure that the baby is strapped securely wherever you go.

· Excellent View

The seats can also be adjusted to suit the child’s opinion. For instance, if you are at a stadium watching a match, you can put your child at the rear stroller that is slightly raised than the front. This gives the child a clear view on everything around him or her. Kids have the tendency of crying if they are stationed in one boring position for long. Ability to see things around them makes them delighted and active always.

· Easy Folding

The Graco Duo Connect stroller can be folded using one hand while the other hand carries the baby. It is easy to fold and can also stand latch on its own. It is a simple stroller to carry and does not require much storage space.

Other accessories that come with this stroller include; a basket that holds baby’s that items like diapers, Swivel wheels that can be locked to manage the strollers movement and a cup holder for baby and its parents.

Advantages of Graco Duo Classic Connect Stroller

· Compact Size for quick mobility and storage

This stroller is narrow and can pass through doorways, aisles and easily maneuvers corners. In addition, its small size makes it ideal for you if your storage area or car trunk has limited space.

· It’s Light and Sturdy

This stroller is made of high-quality materials that can sustain the weight of small kids. It’s designed with a solid frame and thick seats that are durable and waterproof. Its sturdiness makes its go through tough terrains including going uphill and downhill.

· Easy to open and Collapse

The stroller is very flexible when it comes to opening and collapsing. You are only required to unsnap the lever to unfold and when collapsing, you simply pull and twist the handlebar.

· Large canopies with excellent shade

The two seats are equipped with large canopies that give great shade in the right spots. Unlike most strollers, you can be able to adjust the front canopy to give the child a great shade. Additionally, the stroller has an explicit backing enabling the parent to monitor the child without straining.


Most customers have concerns that the cup holders are too small to hold children’s drinks.

In conclusion, the Graco DuoGlider Classic Stroller has a rating of 5 stars with an average of 4.7 points. Most parents have purchased the stroller in Amazon and they have reviewed the stroller to be one of the best DuoGlider so far. Get the best today for your growing kids at a good price.